Welcome to I-Powers Travel Cycle

The acronym “I-Powers” is a comprehensive trip cycle, which broke from the meaning of “I have powers to travel” or “I have powers of [performing obligations or commitments].” A young girl (I-Powers Travel Creator) who innovated her quote from her previous travel experiences while traveling to and from NYC by saying “I have powers to travel to NYC” from her quote. Just then she created the unique trip cycle, which primarily focus on these 7-word trip cycle, which primarily focusing on comprehensive trip planning of your choice.

Meet the innovate Trip Cycle (I-Powers Version), which trip planning has a continuous cycle, meaning that the trip process doesn’t have a beginning or an end. The trip process starts again if someone will plan an another trip in the future. She broke into seven word acronym, which includes:

  • I – Introduction
  • P-Plan
  • O-Observation
  • W-Workshop
  • E-Execution
  • R-Results
  • S-Survey

In this website, you will learn the trip planning by using I-Powers method both effectively and efficiently. So read on and grab a pen/pencil, a paper or pop on a computer with word document and an USB drive (to save documents). So let’s get started.

Here is the Table of Contents here.

Before you begin…

I am writing to inform travelers to effectively and efficiently use an “I-Powers” version to plan any trips regardless of romantic trips, vacationing with your friends, family or solo travel. Planning a trip can be very stressful, especially upcoming travelers who felt excited and are in rush their trip planning process. These rushing trip planning assignments will affect the quality of the trip unless a traveler who follow an “I-Powers” process when you actively plan any trips. We would like to thank you for taking the time to create an innovate method to customize the trip itinerary with I-Powers by:

  • Maintaining your travel budget
  • Gathering proper documents for country entry.
  • Staying informed your local family/friends while traveling.
  • Enjoying your travel without stress.
  • Learning how to familiarize safety/laws abroad, even in your own country.
  • Assessing local health facilities while traveling.
  • Planning a customize trip itinerary of your choice.
  • and much more benefits.